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Paramore the only exception Typo

28 November 20104 comments all, amonfog, design, projecten, Video

My Typo graphics teacher gave me and my class the “make a book from a song” project.
So I started working on this song called The only exception by a band called paramore.
after some tweeks in the book and a lot of silly pictures (made by using a Stool with a hole in it where the lens sticked trough And the camera on my Motorola Milestone) I was able to make this movie as an end result.

So how did i make this one?

  1. First of all there’s this very important word in my design, it’s called Planning. I had to fit all this work in the time I had at school to work on it. I would basicly recomend anyone working on projects to make time-schemes with what you want to finish at what point.
  2. When I finishes planning I started looking for a nice song to use… ok… i basicly just hit party-shuffle on my computer and picked the first nice song I had. I came to the song The only exception by the band Paramore.
  3. Ok but what did the artists make for this song?

    So there’s basically this movie with different stages (separated with all kinds of doors) and the refrain has all kinds of cards with hearts… This should be applied.
  4. The doors became the pages, but because I wanted the text to be big and readable s lot of pages had to be added.
  5. the hearts became one heart with soft red colors(to keep it cool, i’m a boy :) ).
  6. I started to print the words in big letters and different fonts and copied them to my paper using a light-box and a lot of Indian Ink.
  7. there had to be materials in my project…
    kids are soft, so I used a nice fabric to draw one on.
    tears are wet so I used blue water-paint witch becomes very transparent once dried.
    I used shards of crystal glass to create the broken heart.
    Loads of patches were used trying to fix the heart on the next page.
    forgot to take of the tape-roll while shooting the pic.
    I used transparent paper slowly forget the page beneath on the next page.
    The next page isn’t that impressive. I wanted the notes to move but didn’t have time to render all the frames in Photshop.
    To make the heart on the chorus page I used water-paint again. visible, softy, nice.
    Just lot’s of acrylic paint on the next page… and some white water-paint to make the wind around the letters.
    2 cables breaking means not lasting on all these “get the best data cable” commercials. So I applied it to my project.
    Water-painted road on the next page. Wanted to let a car drive over it, but I lost the car in the bus to school.
    Lot’s of expressions on the next page (with a youth photo of me in the middle (standing on bridge, being scared) I made that photo @ Tajikistan).
  8. So the book needed a cover. I used one of my basic templates for that with a larged pic of The cd on the cover (had to photoshop some additional space on the left side + text)
  9. After finishing this i took loads of pictures of the book.
  10. I photoshop’d the pics a little and put them in Windows live Movie maker with the music. after finishing I made several HD versions for my teacher and a Flv using Adobe’s Media Encoder.
  11. the HD’s were burned to cd and the FLV ended up here :)

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My name is Peter van der Meulen, I'm 21 years old, love computing, drawing, surfing (reallife), And i'm completely blown away by people who make good design (including me :p) I study Graphic Design @ ROC Friese Poort Drachten, and as a freelancer I create all kinds of stuff for my customers.

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  1. Seymour November 29, 2010

    This is certainly a little something I need to find more information about, thank you for the article.

  2. Amonfog November 29, 2010

    ehh it’s a simple project for my school :)

  3. Amonfog November 29, 2010

    i’m going to update this one with a proper description and a making of… please stand by

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