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Me as a teacher…

09 December 20101 comment all, amonfog, design, School

After organizing realization classes for all kinds of students within my school from march of 2010 till a few weeks ago, my Design teachers asked me to be the guest-teacher on a VMBO school(regular school for 12-16 year old teens) nearby.

The school needed a cool poster for their upcoming student-performance days. Perfect time, perfect thing. With the bbg(lowest category) class we started a contest. first week with my graphics-teacher Emanuel and their teachers in the background all the time. Okay the students weren’t really focused but it was a great time working with them.

Last Monday the best idea was chosen by the teacher and today we had the pleasure to invite the winners to our design studios.
So with the paste-test they made, the winners and I started to work on the end result.
It was actually kind of funny to see them all blown away by all those Macs, printers and people working on awesome things.

With this raw file:

We made this (okay not that good but we had to do it within 2 hours):

yesterday I have been working on a nice certificate, but that one will be handed out next week, when we congratulate the winners in the presence of the student board and the school director.

Sorry no pictures so far. To gain trust with the class and keep them friendly I left my cam in my pocket.
But don’t worry, there will be a report from my cam and maybe an article in the school’s newspaper when we congratulate the winners. I will try to post it here.

About the Author

My name is Peter van der Meulen, I'm 21 years old, love computing, drawing, surfing (reallife), And i'm completely blown away by people who make good design (including me :p) I study Graphic Design @ ROC Friese Poort Drachten, and as a freelancer I create all kinds of stuff for my customers.

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  1. Joost Kranendonk December 15, 2010

    Looks pretty cool my friend! Your website is awesome and the things you do these days like teaching is great! Good luck with it!
    Keep up the good work.



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