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My trip to Paris

15 May 2012no comments all, Video

 Hello readers,
I’m writing from the Netherlands again after having a great week in Paris. And great it was!
We arrived on Monday not everything was prepared that good by school, so we had to amuse ourselves during the first day.

After having some small struggles at the hotel everybody settled in well at the hotel, after that the first night was quite comfortable.
In the days that followed we have seen and done a lot of things in and around Paris. We (as a school group) even met some new friends there.

Check the pictures I made on Photobucket
Watch the movie bellow for a nice impression (might be blocked in US because I used some awesome music from Yann Tiersen)

But there is more! Maybe you have seen some of my other posts or red where I have been on my social media. I’ve seen a lot of places around the world and every time I was somewhere I had the feeling that the weeks coming would be nice, but I’d preferred my home over those places. The first moment we set foot in the city I was completely blown away by it. Paris caught my heart and hasn’t giving it back ever since. I’m currently thinking to move to Paris after I finish my CMD school. It’s a long way but I think it’s worth it.

I’m currently planning a trip to Paris for coming summer. I’m planning to stay there for a week or 2.
Do you life in Paris or near and do you have no problem having a nice guy on your couch? Contact me using the replies bellow or using the contact form. I try to reach so as fast as possible!

Do you know some good “insiders” places around the city that I should check or would you like to get a free designers course for a day? Leave your tips and requests bellow and I’ll see what I can do for you!

I’m planning on being there 2 or 3 weeks in July (watch out my birthday is on the 18th of July)

About the Author

My name is Peter van der Meulen, I'm 21 years old, love computing, drawing, surfing (reallife), And i'm completely blown away by people who make good design (including me :p) I study Graphic Design @ ROC Friese Poort Drachten, and as a freelancer I create all kinds of stuff for my customers.

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