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Summer vacation

21 July 2012no comments all, amonfog

Hello readers. First of all sorry for not posting lately… I’ve been under lots of stress and stuff for the past few weeks, but I’m doing very well right now. So what about the title; Summer vacation?

Yeah and quite different then I thought at first, but being here now it’s all right.
I was planning to go to Paris for the coming weeks and sleep at some friends, but things changed. I got the opportunity to get my own little “house”. Ok It’s a room in a student flat but it’s really really nice!
My room is in the center of Leeuwarden (a city in the Frisian Heart). Right between those coffee shops (Dutch weed versions).

I’m not a smoker nor a drinker so I can’t tell you yet how these buildings would look from the inside, but you’re getting the point in  what kind of typical Dutch position I’m in :D
the good thing is, that the center of the city with all the nice shops is around my house and getting to the shopping mall is just 20 seconds walking. Perfect!

Last week we had a concert near my house which was just lovely. I really enjoy the city with it’s music, sounds, looks and smells
Here is a small tune I recorded on my way to a store on the other side of the city.

But having no job, finished school and a new school coming up called “CMD” (Communication and Media Design) I’m trying to spend some time right now on getting this place somewhere. And creative as I am I launched some things around the house.

First of all some small renovations to the place. It was just bad when I came here. So the kitchen the bathroom and the floors around the house are becoming cleaner and cleaner. Funny thing is that my roommates started noticing this and they are cleaning their parts better as well.

Second thing was my room; I wanted to make different impressions in different parts of my room. So I’m having this French “terasse” table with a typical lamp and nice cups (gotten from Angela, one of my friends). A nice French spot where I can enjoy my coffee tea and breakfasts. And as a matter of fact I’m typing this small blog post from my own free WIFI hotspot on my own table. But seeing the weather outside I might consider getting my laptop outside on the real terrace.

And that’s where my story continues. The terrace outside was just really filthy. It hadn’t been swept for at least 2 years. There were cans of bear, old cigarette filters and a lot of den needles all over the place (my terrace is covered by a pine tree).

So first thing on my list was to go out to get a broom. Because none of my roommates seemed to have one or even something like it. After that I cleaned the whole place up and noticed that there was a hole in the ground causing parts of my terrace to sink. Really weird, people around have been telling me that it’s the underground water flow that does this. I haven’t been able to fix that part just yet, since I would need sand from my parents home. But I wanted to focus my creativity on some things around here. Conclusion: I am actually gardening a small improvised garden next to my room. It all started with the spare roof-tiles that I found under the tree.

Among those roof tiles were these roof tile toppings they were essentially just halfpipes and perfect to put things in. The idea of making a small garden in those tiles just popped into my mind on the very same moment. And until now it has been great. Yesterday the first bean seeds showed up with small plants and when I look over my table outside I can see all sorts of small plants popping up from the tiles. If you life in a city and are bored, just take a small garden it’ll really cheer you up!

During the summer I’ll be doing some small projects including a website so stay tuned for some behind the scenes work for the design, programming and hosting for this new site. I will explain in detail how I’m doing it and with what.

Further-on there is my new magazine that is out in the Google Currents store.

Well have a nice summer, and if you are ever near Leeuwarden Visit me ;)

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My name is Peter van der Meulen, I'm 21 years old, love computing, drawing, surfing (reallife), And i'm completely blown away by people who make good design (including me :p) I study Graphic Design @ ROC Friese Poort Drachten, and as a freelancer I create all kinds of stuff for my customers.

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